Only in America … 10 Ridiculous Lawsuits

We all know that the Americans are a litigious lot but sometimes they really outdo themselves. In this article we’ve gathered together some of the more crazy lawsuits that our American cousins have embarked on.

Living the Dream

01-Budweiser-150x110In 1991, Richard Overton attempted to sue Anheuser-Busch for $10,000. After drinking copious amounts of Bud Light, beautiful women didn’t show up at his doorstep, as the commercial promised. He was outraged.

Crazy Cookie

02-CrazyCookies-150x110In the summer of 2005, two teenage girls appeared on their neighbor’s doorstep with freshly baked cookies. It seems innocent enough, but the neighbor was so shocked to see people at her door, that she had an anxiety attack and sued for the medical damages. She won $930 for her trip to the emergency room.

Leg Cramps

03-LegCramps150x113In 2004, Jerome and Judith O’Callaghan sued American Airlines for $100,000 because there wasn’t enough leg room on their flight.

Cheating Wife

04-CheatingWide-150x100After a Long Island doctor received divorce papers from his cheating wife, he decided to sue her for $1.5 million for a gift he gave her eight years earlier- his kidney.

The Burning Issue

05-CantHandleThePain150x106Zeynep Inanli sued Starbucks for millions of dollars because her tea was way too hot. She claims it gave her second-degree burns and great physical pain.

An Unbelivable Lack of Compassion

06-Audi150x101Tomas Delgado was driving over the speed limit when he hit and killed a child on a bike. Fortunately for him, a loophole saved him. Since the child didn’t have reflectors or protective gear, Delgado was not in trouble with the law. After getting away with murder, Delgado decided to sue the boy’s family for the damages to his Audi. He later dropped the lawsuit.

Vanity, Vanity

07-LindsayLohan150x113In 2010, Lindsay Lohan tried to sue E-Trade for $100 million. A female baby in their Super Bowl ad was named Lindsay, and she thought that the “milk-aholic” baby ad was directly referencing her life.

Wardrobe Malfunction

08-WardrobeMalfunction150x11052-year-old Macrida Patterson sued Victoria’s Secret, after a thong she purchased there broke. A rhinestone heart flew off of the thong and hit Patterson in the face, causing injury to her eye.

Weather Wobbles

09-ManicWeather150x100In 1996, an Israeli woman sued a TV station for predicting the wrong weather forecast. She was dressed improperly for her commute, and had to go home and change, causing her to be late for work. She asked for $1000, and actually won the case.

Animal Madness

10-PETA150x110In 2001, two members of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) hit a deer on the motorway while driving home from an anti-hunt protest. The members wrote a letter to the New Jersey Division of Fish and and Wildlife, suing for damages and injuries. In their letter, they said that the Division was responsbile for their damages “as a result of their deer management program, which includes, in certain circumstances, an affirmative effort to increase deer population.”

Author: Robert

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