Come on You Green Lions ! – GFC Chants in Guernsey French

Being a big fan of Guernsey Football Club I like nothing better than to watch our lads battling English Clubs on our home ground at Footes Lane. Although quite what the players and their fans make of it all when the crowd starts to bawl out words to songs like “Let’s all have a bean jar” or “We’re going Ormering” – we’ll never know.

So if we were also able to sing out loud and proud in Guernsey Patois as well – then we’d really be able to confuse them. In this article we share with you some “suitable chants” and phrases, as given to us in a GFC programme in the 2016 season and from … enjoy ! 😀

Come on You Green Lions

Véyaon (les) Vaert Liaons!
Veeyan(g) (leee) Varr Yan(g)!

Tony Vance’s Green and White Army.

La Vaerte et Bllaenche Armaïe à Tony Vance.
Lah Varrt eee Bee-ash Arrmaye ah Tony Vance.

Ormering, Ormering we are the famous Guernsey FC and we’re going Ormering.

Es Ormés, es Ormés nou s’est lé CF (Clobbe a Football) célébraï de Guernesi et nou s’en va es Ormés.
Eeez Orrmeh, eeez Orrmeh nouz eee leh CF (Claub ah Fautbaul) celebrye deh DJERR-nehz-ee eee nou s’au vah eeez Orrmeh.

What time does the Guernsey game kick off?

A quaïe haeure qu’la gaume guernesiaise cmenche?
Ah kye a-eer-k lah gaum DJERR-nehz-yeeez-k maush?

Let’s hope for a Guernsey win!

Faot espéraï qué Guernesi gognra!
Fow essperraye keh DHERR-nehz-ee goyrah!

I am off to watch Guernsey FC today at Footes Lane.

J’m’en vais vei lé CF Guernesiais ogniet à Footes Lane.
M’au veee veee leh CF DJERR-nehz-yeee aun-yeh ah Footes Lane.

Author: Robert

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