Herm’s Flag

Herm’s flag hasn’t actually been around that long – only since the 1950s. The flag, like that of Sark isn’t a ‘national ‘ flag at all but is rather that of the tenant and not the island.

The flag was designed by the British vexologist Dr William Crampton from the Flag Institute and was adopted in 1953. Previous to that the tenant used a blue flag with the coat of arms of Guernsey near the hoist.

 The Flags Componants

  1. Like the other island flags the Cross of St George is included.
  2. The canton (Upper left corner) contains the arms of Herm.
  3. The arms are blue with a gold bend (diagonal descending from top right to bottom left) known as an argent.
    On this appears three cowled Benedictine monks in black robes.
    A silver embowed dolphin appears in each part of the blue field.

The Herm flag is flown at the White House, the island’s only hotel, and the Union Jack is flown above the island’s Keep to show the island’s British connections.


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