Unusual Animal Collectives

A Grist of Bees

You’d be surprised at what the ‘official’ English collective nouns are for groups of animals, we certainly were when we looked into it.

Here are a few of what we consider to be the more ‘exotic …


  • A quiver of cobras
  • A float of crocodiles


  • An intrusion of cockroaches
  • A grist of bees


  • A sounder of boar
  • An obstinacy of buffalo
  • A caravan of camels
  • A tower of giraffes
  • An implausibilty of gnus
  • A leash of greyhounds
  • A husk of hares
  • A parade of elephants
  • A gang of elk
  • A leap of leopards
  • A business of ferrets
  • An array of hegehogs
  • A bloat of hippopotamuses
  • A parcel of hogs
  • A mob of kangaroos
  • A mischief of mice
  • A labour of moles
  • A troop of monkeys
  • A romp of otters
  • A crash of rhinos
  • An ambush of tigers
  • A huddle of walruses
  • A zeal of zebras


  • A murder of crows
  • A charm of finches
  • A skulk of flamingoes
  • An exultation of larks
  • A dule of doves
  • A kettle of hawks
  • A paddling of duck
  • A cast of falcons
  • A gulp of magpies
  • A parliament of owls
  • A company of parrots
  • A parcel of penguins
  • A bouquet of pheasants
  • A clamour of rooks
  • A host of sparrows
  • A murmuration of starlings
  • A mustering of storks
  • A lamentation of swans
  • A gang of turkeys
  • A carpet of vultures
  • A descent of woodpeckers

Fish (& other ‘wet’ things)

  • A troubling of goldfish
  • A smack of jellyfish
  • A knot of toads

Author: Robert

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