Wacky-pedia : Foody Factoids – Who invented the hamburger, Ketchup or the Burger Bun?

In this article we present you with some wacky facts as well as answering some of the more weird questions – questions that you never even knew you should’ve asked!


The name “hamburger” comes from the port town of Hamburg, Germany, where the recipe of ground beef, minced onions, and seasoning called the “Hamburg steak” was developed.

The question of who first put the burger on a bun remains hotly debated, but the Cattlemen’s Beef Board holds that cafe owner Fletcher Davis invented the hamburger in the 1880s. He sold the ground steak on two slices of bread, with mustard, mayo, onion, and pickles at his restaurant in Athens, Texas, and brought it to the world’s attention at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair.


Ketchup likely originated in China as a boiled-down brine of pickled fish called ke-tsiap. Early western ketchups were made with mushrooms, oysters, and walnuts before tomato juice was introduced as the main ingredient.


Sugar cane is a member of the grass family.

When sugar first reached Europe from Southeast Asia, it was a rare luxury. Generally, only royalty could afford to use it, considering that one teaspoon cost the equivalent of $5 today. It costs less than a penny now.


Bears do eat honey, but they are more often interested in the bee larvae found in the hives.

Honey is good for burns. New Zealand scientists have found that putting honey on a moderate burn eases the pain and promotes healing better than traditional gauze or dressings. Honey’s anti bacterial qualities create a favourable environment for healthy new tissue to grow. It also beat out the gauze and dressings in nine out of ten taste tests.

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